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a collaborative wellbeing space

Coming soon to  Boston

What you will find at empower

Olive Oil Soap

Makers + Artisans

discover a curated collection of self-care tools handcrafted by local artisans who believe in giving back to the community.


At Empower, shop items designed to inspire moments of serenity, mindfulness, and daily rituals.


Well-being Providers

skilled practitioners collaborate to provide a range of transformative services. From coaching, holistic medicine, energy healing, aesthetics, massage, and other wellness offerings, come to Empower for a personalized experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.


Event + Workshop Hosts

each workshop is crafted to uplift and inspire, creating a space where women can explore, connect, and grow together.


Attend workshops and events at Empower to further your journey of self-discovery and collective strength!

Alicia Favreau, Powerful Crystal Boutique + Spa

Presented by Alicia Favreau,
Founder & CEO at Powerful Crystals

Welcome to Empower, where excitement meets empowerment!

Join me on this incredible journey to uplift women in our community. Here, small businesses collaborate, offering a low-risk opportunity to test their models. My own brand, Powerful Crystals Spa + Boutique, will be one of the service providers within the Empower space. 


Explore our boutique featuring self-care tools crafted by local artisans, immerse in self-rituals with our service providers, and indulge in workshops that invite creativity. Empower aims to elevate and unite women, fostering positive change that resonates throughout our community.


Let's join forces and uplift each other—because empowered women empower women. Together, let's create opportunities and make a lasting impact!

Modern White Room

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brand Application

Click to apply and discover how your brand can be part of Empower. We welcome women makers interested in showcasing their products in our boutique, well-being service providers looking to rent a room in our space, and passionate workshop hosts dedicated to being a cheerleader for women, promoting health + well-being, inspiring creativity, and building a supportive network. Join us in empowering our community!

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