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Alicia Favreau

Founder & CEO

I’m Alicia Favreau. I’m a spa professional, crystal practitioner, layerer of frequencies, and creatress of sensory experiences and sacred spaces. My role is to light a flame for women to overcome their obstacles by practicing mindfulness, self-empowerment, and self-love.

I’m devoted to my own personal practices like gratitude, mindfulness, physical self care, journaling, bath rituals, crystal grids, nature walks, and connecting with my guides. I’m also a survivor who has developed resilience and strength through mindfulness, which means I understand self-love even when it isn’t easy. I'm all about inspiring women with my story and giving you tools along the way.

Looking for rituals and practices that feel nurturing? I hope I can help you develop your own insight and goddess energy at the spa and boutique sometime soon.

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