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Profound moments of connection, community, and communication with yourself are the hallmark of Powerful Crystals With Love. Holding sacred space for you and planting the seeds of love is our goal and highest intention.

In the boutique, browse mindfully selected self-care products and tools including ethically-sourced crystals and crystal- infused bath and body products. Show yourself care and spend time self-nurturing with products that align with your goals for health & wellness. Shop items for creating your own crystal recipes or grids for your sacred spaces (car, home, office) so you can align your intentions and frequencies to maximize your manifestations.

Giving you the gift of rituals, and teaching you how to be resilient, how to flow with life, and how to practice self-care is an expression of our background in hospitality, the spa community, the wisdom of our own lessons learned, and crystal intuition.

At the spa, enjoy physical experiences (therapeutic massage, crystal healings, facials, body treatments) that nourish your mind, body, and spirit, with layers of mindfulness that go far beyond what's expected. As our guest, your needs, expectations, and goals combine to create the ultimate guest experience. We provide a model for your own self-care that you can practice once you return home.

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to light a flame for everyone to overcome their obstacles through sensory experiences and sacred spaces


create ripples of love by changing the way we communicate with our energy bodies, so each person can direct their energy toward what is most important

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