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Our Crystal Ritual

All of our crystals are hand picked by the owner with love, gratitude, and you in mind. 

Before the crystals are put on display - whether in store, online, or at a show - they are cleansed. The crystal blessing prayer, written below, is then spoken over them.

Through intuition the owner will choose to dive deeper with select crystals. An oracle reading is then done with the crystal to reveal a message from the crystal devas.  This message is intended to help pair the crystal with the individual(s) that will benefit from working with its energy.

Crystal Blessing


I open the space with the gift of self-love and acceptance for who I am and where I am! 


I am now choosing to cleanse myself, these crystals, and all that is within the space. I release any and all thought forms, beings, situations, and energies that no longer serve the highest and greatest good. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good


Thank you for all that is! 


Crystal devas please surround me with divine love and light. Share with me your wisdom and insight so that I may be a tool in connecting you with whom seeks your energy. Use me to do your work.


I bless this sacred space and all that’s in it with love, generosity, appreciation, praise, gratitude, trust, and belief for all kind. I see you and I thank you for what you do! 


Thank you mama earth for these beautiful gifts that will spread ripples of your love!


Blessings of love to all

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