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brand collaborations at empower

At Empower, collaborating brands discover an invigorating platform dedicated to elevating their presence and impact. Here, within our empowering community of like-minded, women-focused businesses, your brand has the opportunity to shine by showcasing products in our boutique and reaching a diverse audience passionate about wellness and self-care. Align seamlessly with service providers dedicated to self-care, fostering a space that nurtures mind, body, and spirit. Join us in empowerment events, workshops, and gatherings, where your brand contributes to positive change within the community.


At Empower, your brand gains not only increased visibility but also becomes part of a network that fosters collaboration, empowerment, and mutual growth. Let's empower together.

inviting all those who empower

Olive Oil Soap

Makers + Artisans

Our boutique is a heartfelt collaboration with local makers and artisans who pour passion into crafting self-care tools. From empowering art to mindful accessories, each creation is a testament to their commitment to well-being and positive change.

Visitors to the Empower space can shop your products - we take care of the POS system and make it easier for you to get paid for your products. 


Well-being Providers

Whether you specialize in coaching, holistic medicine, energy healing, aesthetics, massage, or other wellness offerings, we invite you to join our dedicated community committed to crafting personalized experiences that nurture our guests well-being. Your unique skills contribute to the empowerment of individuals on their wellness journey.

Empower guests make use of collective booking software, making it simple for new people to discover your services, book online, and stack appointments in one visit.


Event + Workshop Hosts

Be a catalyst for positive change and help create an empowering space for women to explore, connect, and grow together Whether you specialize in inspiring creativity, building community connections, promoting wellness, or nurturing self-love, your unique expertise is welcomed.

Connect with guests who register to attend your Empower workshop or event and build your aligned community without worrying about tracking ticket sales or signing up for event software.


Exceptional Hospitality

Flexible Terms

Wi-Fi + Utilities

24/7 Access

Safety + Cleanliness

POS + Receptionist

Marketing + Support

Join Us in Empowering Our Community

Apply below to be a facet of Empower. We welcome women makers interested in showcasing their products in our boutique, well-being service providers looking to rent a suite in our space, and passionate workshop hosts. 

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What model(s) are you interested in?
Location(s) of interest
How long do you want to Pop-In?
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