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The name rose quartz comes from its pink color.  According to current theories, it is colored by fibrous inclusions of a previously unknown mineral related to dumortierite.  (Some of the original researchers called it “dididumortierite”.  The prefix di- is pronounced dee-dee when doubled.)  Although dumortierite is typically blue, it may also be pink or purple.  The fibers inside rose quartz may be colored by an intervalence charge transfer between iron and titanium.  When an electron is passed from one ion to another, it alters the wavelengths of light a mineral absorbs.

Rose Quartz Slab

  • Open yourself up to the loving vibration of earth and dive deep into the inner chambers of your heart. Step into this space with love and compassion. What do you see? What do you feel? What needs your acceptance & forgiveness?

    💗 With Love , Alicia + Rose Quartz


    This message comes with love and wisdom from the Crystal Deva - Pink Tourmaline, Forgiveness

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