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Until recently this blue rock was thought to be either lazulite or the similarly named lazurite.  Lazulite is a phosphate mineral and lazurite is a member of the sodalite group, once thought to be the blue coloring agent of lapis lazuli. (Research now suggests that most material sold as “lazurite” is a sulfide rich variety of hauyne instead. Lazurite as currently defined, more sulfide than sulfate, has only been documented in Russia.) We had samples tested to settle the debate and the results revealed that it was neither.  It is dumortierite in quartz instead.  Dumortierite is an aluminum borosilicate, a compound of aluminum, boron, silicon, and oxygen. It was originally discovered near Lyon, France in the late 19th century.  It was named after the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier born near the same area.

Dumortierite Tower

    • Source of Origin (location THIS crystal was mined from): Madagascar, Africa
    • Source (where the crystal grows around the world): USA, Brazil, Madagascar
    • Availability: Variable
    • Crystal System: Orthorhombic 
    • Color: Blue, White, Indigo, Black
    • Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
    • Number: 4
    • Element: Wind
    • Zodiac: Leo
    • Planet: Saturn
    • Benefit: Dreams, Enlightenment, Insight, Oppurtunities, Ancient Wisdom, Astral Travel, Channeling, Growth, Spiritual Awakening, Past Life, Clairaudience, Self-confidence
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