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Clear quartz was known historically as rock crystal. The name comes from the Greek krystallos (“ice”).  Authors in antiquity speculated that quartz was permanently frozen water.  Quartz is piezoelectric. It produces an electrical charge when put under mechanical stress.  Thin slices of clear quartz are used as crystal oscillators to help clocks keep time and radios stabilize frequencies.

Green Tourmalinated Clear Quartz Point

  • Look beyond the smoke and mirrors as you expand your awareness. Take a step back and observe the diffrent areas of your life. As you gain new perspective you will begin to see beautiful gifts of wisdom all around you. 

    Affirm: I proudly integrate the lesson life has gifted me

    💗 With Love, Alicia + Quartz & Tourmaline


    This message comes with love and wisom from the Crystal Devas - Azurite, Expanded Awareness

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