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"Ammonite represents coming full circle and activates personal empowerment. Stimulating survival instincts and encoding your life path, Ammolite offers structure and clarity, and relieves birth trauma affecting craniosacral flow. Called the Seven Color Prosperity Stone by Feng Shui masters, Ammolite has absorbed cosmic energy over eons and stimulates Qi, life force, through the body. Keep in the home to attract health and prosperity, and in business premises to promote business dealings." Judy Hall, Encyclopedia of Crystals

Ammonite Fossil ~ Large

  • This is a powerful time for forgiveness. The act of forgiveness comes when you are prepared to accept that everything happens for a reason. You are the creator of your own reality and life experiences!

    💗 With Love ,  Ammonite

  • Source: Madagascar

    Weight: approx. 4.72lb

    Size: approx. 10"x7"x6"

    Color: Brown, Yellow, Gray

    Chakra's: Third Eye

    Number: 9

    Zodiac: Aquarius

    Element: Earth, Water

    Planet: Earth, Venus

    Benefits: Abundance, Longevity, Centering, Kundalini, Prosperity, Creativity, Stamina, Vitality, Health,Protection, Truth, Sexuality, Life Path, Strength

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