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Our Rebrand Makeover

When 2 Become 1

Powerful Crystals and Natural Balance & Beauty have blended together to be rebranded as Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa. Read our story as to why we are embracing this new change.

Powerful Crystals blends together with Natural Balance & Beauty

Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa has existed in some form since 2009. It was originally branded as Natural Balance + Beauty Spa, and primarily offered services including massage and esthetics. Over time, new modalities and personal growth have been brought in.

Following a stint in corporate, life experiences, and covid uncertainty, I realized that integrating my healing process into the business was my next step. Whereas before, I focused on being a service provider, I now work with you as a collaborator to help you on your own healing journey.

Since gaining a new perspective on my own approach to healing and facilitating that with clients, I’m now ready to communicate that through branding and have it reflect wholeheartedly through the business.

The new brand of Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa connects with you on a deeper level - speaking to you at whatever point you’re at in your own journey, and helping you to integrate and amplify your own healing. With this change comes an expansion in service offerings and self-care products and tools, including bath and body items, crystals, and other items that nourish the mind+body+spirit.

My personal wish is that you love the new look + feel and that you resonate with the beautiful unfolding taking place at Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa!

With Love,

Powerful Crystal Boutique + Spa

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