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A Blog World Filled With Sparkly Tools

Welcome to Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa!

Hello I’m Alicia Favreau. I’m a spa professional, crystal practitioner, layerer of frequencies, and creatress of sensory experiences and sacred spaces. My role is to light a flame for women to overcome their obstacles by practicing mindfulness, self-empowerment, and self-love.

I’m devoted to my own personal practices like bath rituals, journaling, crystal grids, nature walks, and connecting with my guides. I’m also a survivor who has developed resilience and strength through mindfulness, which means I understand self-love even when it isn’t easy.

Powerful Crystals Spa & Boutique is all about inspiring women with my story and giving you tools along the way.

Learn about what you can expect to find in this blog series around sparkly tools


Inside This Blog Series

Are you intrigued by crystals but don’t know what to do with them or how they work? Do you want to grow your self-love practice, deepen your intimate connection with self, or tap into inner strength to achive resilience?

Perfect, you are in the right spot! This blog series is all about teaching you how to create ripples of love throughout your life one sparkly gem at a time!

In this series you will find gifts of self-love rituals and sensory experiences that connect you with your own goals and intentions.

With the help of layered frequencies, we can change the way we communicate with our own energy bodies, so we can go on to direct our energy toward what is most important.

Blessing of Love

It is an honor and pleasure to provide you with the tools that I have personally saught out and actively use in my daily life.

Thank you, With Love

Meet the Owner of Powerful Crystals Boutique + Spa


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